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Thanks for visiting the hands club that straddles the Nevada and Arizona borders

Thanks for visiting the hands club that straddles the Nevada and Arizona borders

Along with its attractive palm-lined fairways and beautiful, but perilous liquid qualities, the Palms provides a difficult day’s tennis for players of all of the ability degrees from novices to workers. The hands Golf Club is virtually two programs in one, using the very first nine playing with open fairways and close water that next transitions towards the back nine soaring up to panoramic elevated tees and veggies. Very bring the cameras and take home a good amount of recollections from a day on Palms club in Mesquite.

Full golf packages and spaces can be found in the Casablanca resort and Resort.

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View here to construct A Tennis Getaway plan.

Practice Establishment

Driving assortment and putting vegetables are available to all guests during the Palms Golf Club.

Golf Coaching

Golf training at CasaBlanca can be found. For more information please contact us at 866.401.6022 or e-mail

Days of Operation

Seasonal Palms club (702) 346-4067 CasaBlanca club (702) 346-6764

Create Your Own Tennis Holiday!

  • 11 tennis instruction to select from!
  • Limitless rounds of Golf!
  • Infinite space nights offered by the CasaBlanca vacation resort.
  • $99 tennis plan includes one-night remain at the CasaBlanca Hotel and another game of golf within CasaBlanca Golf Club or hands club.

Guide on line above or call us at 1.877.438.2929 to dicuss to a tennis bundle organizer.


You can reserve tee era at either training course with a Pro Shop agent.

Gap By Hole Playing Information

Introducing the Hands Club. Hopefully you prefer your spherical now.

Hole 1 – Par 5

A great drive about this slightly downhill par 5 must prevent the large palm-tree on the correct. 3rd images want to hold strong bunkers left, best and back once again for this big environmentally friendly.

Hole 2 – Level 4

A dog-leg leftover with extreme pond that runs on the left in the fairway. Palm woods and bunkers range best while this increased green is actually in the middle of bunkers.

Opening 3 – Par 3

A lengthy level 3 with liquid on remaining and big island bunker in the appropriate. Bunkers are hiding behind this rather flat green.

Hole 4 – Level 5

The number 1 handicap gap try a dog-leg right with a liquid threat from the right that’s concealed off of the tee. Bunkers become strategically positioned left. Drinking water lurks beyond blind next photos. A layup and a 3rd quick wedge chance is recommended.

Gap 5 – Level 4

Stay well-left on this subject good fairway to avoid liquid on much right while twin bunkers guard the leftover. An effective drive opens to a lengthy thin green.

Gap 6 – Level 4

Drinking water in the right try reachable off of the tee. Current wind usually tends to make this gap bet lengthier requiring an exact next shot to the little eco-friendly. Liquid operates behind the eco-friendly to capture any images that go very long.

Hole 7 – Level 3

A big green are enclosed by liquid hazards before and right back. A bail-out room rests left of your two tiered green.

Hole 8 – Level 4

Slash some range off this dog-left, but stay away from the pond that comes into gamble either off the tee or on second shots. A-deep bunker is just small and right for this oval green.

Gap 9 – Par 4

This very long level 4 brings back again to the dance club home with most water on both edges of this fairway and a giant bunker in the appropriate. A detailed 2nd chance sets you on a big undulating green.

Gap 10 – Level 5

Youa€™ll think youra€™re on a totally various course just like you begin the trunk nine. This sweeping par five performs down hill to a green involved in the middle of palm woods and bunkers.

Opening 11 – Par 3

A lovely downhill level 3 definitely all carry-over a normal wasteland place that also surrounds the green.

Opening 12 – Par 4

a demanding tee chance is needed to climb up this fairway that climbs better uphill. Amounts 12 plays one or two clubs longer while you approach this extended and slim increased environmentally friendly.

Gap 13 – Par 4

A short dog-leg leftover with loads of bunkers to the left and wilderness areas off to the right. The eco-friendly seems concealed from tee and requires an exact second shot.

Gap 14 – Level 3

Aesthetically spectacular, this par 3 requires a tee try to pay off a dangerous ravine and desert room remaining and appropriate. A little bail-out location makes an uphill processor chip to an elevated green.

Hole 15 – Par 5

The trademark gap from the Palms provides a panoramic 115 foot fall from tee to fairway. A long, precise tee try is necessary to get to the fairway that plays dramatically down hill. A canal guards the best additionally the desert left. Picking out the fairway is crucial to prevent a big number.

Hole 16 – Par 4

Another small, but difficult level 4. Water about right is actually reachable off of the tee and a canal lurks on left. The fairway moves slightly to the left and contributes to an elevated green.

Opening 17 – Level 4

A heightened tee overlooks h2o risks and bunkers left and correct. The fairway converts a little right calling for the next try that has to stay out of the wasteland near by the green.

Hole 18 – Level 4

A long par 4 made actually much longer making use of fairway running entirely constant. 2nd Dream Vegas casino reviews shots might need 1 or 2 additional groups to overlook bunkers on both side of the huge eco-friendly.

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