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Ana Marina Tzul Tzul is a medical doctor with a master’s in public health. She is the head of the College of Health and Nursing at the Universidad Rafael Landívar’s Quetzaltenango Campus in Guatemala. Conflicts and disasters Oxfam has a long and well-recognized record of humanitarian relief in times of crisis.

However, feminist organizations have highlighted that there is still no law qualifying harassment as a crime. As a result, in recent years many women have chosen to denounce the harassment they have suffered online and sometimes photographs of the those accused of committing it have been published. The most recent example was when a group of students at the private Rafael Landívar University accused two professors of sexual harassment, leading to their temporary suspension while an investigation was conducted by the Jesuit-run institution. In 2019, the Public University of Guatemala released a report, with the support of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, that revealed 30% of all sexual harassment cases were carried out by faculty members. In 2015, the Observatory Against Street Harassment was set up, which drew up a map of the places where women were most regularly subjected to harassment.

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The Guatemalan women last month travelled to Toronto for the case’s discovery phase, fielding hours of questions from lawyers for the company. You’re browsing our English site, so by default we are only showing content in English.

  • Leith Dunn and Heather Gibb provide illustrative examples of social work supports in the Jamaican context in the Canadian Development Report 2010.
  • Last year, the police officially recorded the murders of 358 women, while Inacif carried out 504 autopsies connected to deaths from criminal activity.
  • The timepoint for this can be 3 and 12 months following enrollment within the examine.

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Dancing, chanting and marching, protesters demanded reform in the healthcare system, highlighting how the pandemic struck women the most. Women around the world suffered to access reproductive and sexual healthcare during the coronavirus crisis.

GGM encouraged women to talk to each other from across the country, and this contributed to bridging the class divide between feminists in the capital and women committed to women’s issues from across the country. In Guatemala, there is growing support for policies that promote equitable gender-based access to political power, education, and the ownership of land.

Apart from facing discrimination at every level, the families consider the birth of a Guatemalan girl as an omen. It is the men who are independent and get to work and earn bread & butter for the family. Yet most candidates have skirted the issue of the CICIG or relegated it to the sidelines. Of the few that have addressed the state of the Commission, most refer to a “new” or “reformed” CICIG, without a clear indication of what this would look like. A recent court decision appears to have taken Thelma Aldana, the candidate most closely identified with the drive against corruption, out of the race. Many fear that without any real political opposition, these criminal networks will regain control of Guatemala’s institutions and reinstate a system of impunity. For the majority of Guatemalans, addressing systemic corruption is critical to bringing about effective solutions to promote democracy, improve security conditions, and generate greater economic opportunities and social inclusion.

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Politicians from various levels of government rely on quid pro quo relationships with both licit and illicit actors to remain in political power and reap the benefits that follow that power. Translating questionnaires for cross-cultural research is fraught with methodological pitfalls that threaten research validity. Some flaws are difficult to detect, leading to the erroneous conclusion that cultural https://guatemalawomen.com/dating-guatemala-city/ differences are substantive when, in fact, they stem from semantic inconsistencies. We describe the process of translation and validation of the Hebrew version of an American questionnaire for cross-cultural comparisons of medical students’ attitudes toward preventive medical services. The results provide evidence to support the validity of the Hebrew instrument for cross-cultural comparisons.

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Ceramic containers, a considerable amount of jade jewelry and thousands of obsidian stones and knives were also found. Discovering her remains was one of the most important discoveries for Guatemala’s ancient Maya civilization. Historians believe she was the most powerful person in the kingdom of Calakmul, a Mayan community opposed to the influential King ‘El Zotz’ ruling the Tikal kingdom.

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The legal process is ongoing but has created awareness of copyright issues and Indigenous rights. That same year, the weaver’s movement also demanded the Guatemalan tourism institute stop folklorizing Indigenous women as a part of their tourism programs, especially as Indigenous women weavers are not direct beneficiaries of the income the programs generate. Xinico Batz has been vocal about how appropriating the creations of Indigenous women not only impoverishes them and disrespects their work and culture but also serves as a form of dispossession that existed since colonial times. Wetherborn’s grandparents moved from Jamaica to Guatemala to work for the United Fruit Company. Growing up in Amatitlan, she was part of the only Black family in town and endured racist bullying at school.